Steffen A. Hem


 Sometimes we raffle “Lady Products”.


Camilla Erika Inderberg

vice president

I am born and raised in Drammen, Norway. In 2004 my girlfriend from high school met this Canadian dude, we thought that was pretty crazy.. I was a bridesmaid at their wedding in Toronto in 2005 and to my surprise I met my future husband there, he was a groomsman, sounds like a bad American movie, I know. As many of my fellow Norwegians in Toronto I only intended to only stay for a year or two, and 10 years later I am still here and still married to the same guy. 


I was trying to find a little piece of Norway when i moved here and stumbled across the Norwegian Club, the club has grown a lot since I’ve first joined and if you are like me and your heart belongs to both 🇳🇴 & 🇨🇦 I encourage you to join us.. 

P.S we usually have some salty liquorice to share..

Florence Gaven-Rossavik


French Entrepreneur Florence Gaven Rossavik had been living for a year in Stavanger when she decided to prove her husband wrong after he announced there was no other place to live, and “made him” move to Toronto. He said they wouldn’t stay more then a year. It’s been 6. She decided not to gloat too much in her victory and thought some Norwegian companionship was possibly needed, so finding the Norwegian Club of Toronto was just what the doctor ordered. And because the Rossaviks don’t do things halfway, they both joined the Club’s board. On the upside, the norwegian club provided Florence many new great friends, on the downside it provided a couple unwelcome slight hungovers. But overall, she finds that every event is pure fun and enjoyable time for her and seemingly for the entire membership, and that makes all the work she does very much worth it.

Tom Erik Rossavik


Tom Erik moved to Canada six years ago to prove a point to his wife that Stavanger has everything Toronto can offer. He’s still here. When he’s not busy trying to prove points, he spends his time going to the cinema and training hard to go pro as a tennis player. At the tender age of 34.

When visiting back home in Norway, he found himself more and more searching for the correct Norwegian words. He realized he had to speak his mother tongue a little more frequently, and saw the Norwegian club as a great opportunity for that. He joined the club, and to his surprise found himself excelling in Norwegian for the first time in his life.

Erik Anderson


By the will of Odin, Anderson was born in the seaside port of Vancouver, British Columbia, where he quickly infiltrated Canadian society, posing as one of its own. Of course, the real plan was to use the West Coast as a jumping-off spot to raid Scottish Isles. Alas, there were no Scottish Isles in the Pacific to be found.

Turning his attention Eastward, Anderson searched for other vikings to band together with on route to Scotland. However, while he found other vikings in the Norwegian Club of Toronto, he also found that the appetite for raiding Scotland dried up about 1000 years ago. Resigning himself to the modern Nordic life of civility, Anderson took an interest in cinema, where the sagas could remain as fresh today as they were in days of yore. He finished his MFA in Film Production at York University, and writes & teaches about cinema in between writing newsletter blurbs for the club. 

Stig Fosse

director and secretary

Born and raised in Norway as a true Viking. Stig moved to Toronto after he met his Canadian wife in Italy. Shortly after moving to Canada, he found the Norwegian Club through Facebook. After he decided to show up to the next pub night, he was hooked. Loving the busy city life of Toronto, Stig also enjoys long hikes into the woods to clear his mind.

Before moving to Toronto he made an agreement with his wife that they were to try and live in Norway for 1 year and then Canada for 1 year before deciding where they would like to settle down. It has been 4 years now and it seems like Canada has a lot to offer their new Viking.